Dear Coral Reef Enthusiast,

Welcome to ReefLife magazine, a new publication that explores coral and rocky reefs, and their inhabitants. Our goal is to create a periodical that provides unique, accurate information on the ethology, ecology, physiology and taxonomy of marine organisms, as well as the science and art of marine aquarium keeping. As the reef aquarium hobby continues to evolve, you can count on ReefLife to provide cutting-edge information on the state of the hobby, the health of coral reefs, new organisms available to hobbyists, and current techniques and equipment that will facilitate aquarium care. We will also provide information on the latest and greatest “fish/invert watching” spots around the world – places where you can go to see the organisms you love in their natural habitats.

There is another important byproduct of a magazine like this: We believe that the information and images that adorn the pages of ReefLife will not only elicit excitement about marine animals, but will also encourage the conservation of reef ecosystems.

We hope you will come and join us on this exciting journey into the aquatic world!